A downloadable game for Windows

"Rhythm Ovedrive" is a game we made for the 41th Ludum Dare.

It's a Shoot'em Up with rhythmic elements.

We were 3  working on this game:

Louis Valet, Thomas Polfliet, Maxime Catel.

Install instructions

Download, unzip and play !


Rhythm Overdrive.zip 39 MB


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Will it be released on mac? :)

Hey ! Sorry but we tried to make one but it didn't work :/

this game is amazing. we control the plane and shoot everything we counter. the best part of this game is when the beat getting higher, the enemy getting faster. hope you enjoy it!

I absolute love this game. I believe this was made for an event, but would love it if a full game could made from this. It combines my favorite two genre's Rhythm and Shmup. Looking forward to seeing more for you all. Also here is a gameplay video of your game. 


Hiya! I took a look at your game in a video I made recently about the LD game jam. I'm a fan of shmups, and this game was an interesting take on the shmup mixed with rhythm games. I do feel that the rhythm elements are severely understated. If I didn't know that this game was a mix of these two genres, I would think it's just another shmup but with groovy music. (Seriously, the music is great. Whoever of you 3 made the music did a great job) My thoughts on your game are more developed in my video, but overall, I enjoyed playing your game and look forward to what you make next!